This morning (Nov 23), Sultan Nelson was presented with the Pillar Award at Strathmore High School (SHS).

The Pillars of Strathmore High School was started in 2010 with a donation from Steve Rodehutskor.

"Steve represented the qualities, as a school, we seek to encourage and develop with all of our students and that is something Sultan has," said the Principal of SHS, Doug Raycroft. 

Nelson graduated from SHS in 2003 and in 2020 he earned a Doctorate in Philosophy degree and a Doctor of Medicine degree through the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. 

"I was so well embraced by my teachers at Strathmore High School, everyone in town here, and my family back home in Africa. The belief in me by everyone and the kind endorsement has propelled me forward," said Nelson.

Nelson said he has learned resilience and integrity.

"As I accept this award, I carry that with me in every handshake, every good job, and every form of encouragement from this new unity. This is not just an award to me, it is a testament to my village and to myself as a serious young man with dreams bigger than myself." 

Past teacher of SHS and Doctor Michelle Nadine said that Nelson was a curious young man.

"He was driven by all things that surrounded him from academics to athletics, to giving back to his community. Sultan's passion and joy for learning was contagious. I don't think I've ever met a student who valued education as much as Sultan."

The Pillars of SHS have changed the culture of the school since it started.

"We have people visiting from other schools. They always look and read the descriptions of these past pillars that we have in our hallways," said Raycroft.

Anyone can nominate a past graduate of SHS for the pillar award. 

"Teachers, ex-students, community members, anyone can nominate a person who they think deserves to be recognized," explained Raycroft. 

The Pillars of Strathmore High School plaque will be on the walls of the school for everyone to enjoy.


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