Today is the first day of spring (March 19) and as much as we would like to put away our winter coats and boots, Strathmore will be gearing up for another dump of snow coming our way. 

By tonight, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Strathmore will reach a low of minus 6 and will accumulate around 5 centimeters of snow. That will be the theme for the rest of the week. 

Continuing to stay prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours for sudden snow dumps like this is crucial. 

Here are five things that you should have in your car emergency kit, according to the Government of Canada:

  • Food

That won't spoil, such as energy bars.

  • Water

In plastic bottles so they won't break if frozen (change every six months).


Extra clothing and shoes.

  • First aid kit

With seatbelt cutter.

Small shovel, scraper, and snowbrush.

Candle in a deep can and matches.

Wind-up flashlight.

  • Whistle

In case you need to attract attention.


Copy of your emergency plan and personal documents.

  • Also, keep these inside your trunk

Sand, salt, or cat litter (non-clumping).

Antifreeze/windshield washer fluid.

Tow rope.

Jumper cables.

Fire extinguisher.

Warning light or road flares.

"It's a good idea to separate some of these supplies in backpacks. That way, your kit will be more portable and each person can personalize his or her grab-and-go emergency kit," it stated on the Government of Canada's website. 

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