Just as we thought that we were in the clear, Mother Nature had other ideas for us. 

Here are some reminders and tips as crews work to maintain over 160 km of roadway and 120 km of sidewalks and pathways from the Town of Strathmore:

  1. Roads are addressed based on a priority system to ensure the greatest benefit to the majority of the traveling public.
  2. If you live on a priority snow route, the parking lane becomes the snow storage location.
  3. Blocking driveways during snow-clearing operations is not intentional, but rather occurs due to the current nature of snow-clearing.
  4. When shoveling windrows in front of your driveway, pile the snow on the left side (facing the property). This will give you a better line of vision of the approaching traffic and when our plows go by, your shoveled piles won't be as easily dragged back into your driveway entrance.
  5. Plows are not able to lift or angle their blade as this would result in snow being deposited on the road. Snow plowing is planned and carried out in the most efficient way possible and when you consider the number of driveways in town, we simply do not have the resources to provide this level of service within a reasonable time frame.
  6. The best spot to shovel snow is on your lawn as shoveling snow onto the street is not permitted under the Community Standards Bylaw. This keeps the streets safe for drivers and helps with drainage along curbs.
  7. In areas like Cambridge Glen Drive, the median acts as the Town’s snow storage location. Do not put snow from your property on the median.

For more information about the Town’s snow winter removal, visit the Town of Strathmore's website. 

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