Rookie forward Carter Gosling is this week's Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week! 

Gosling says that being a rookie makes him always excited to go to practice with the atmosphere of it all being unbelievable, with that being said Gosling will definitely try to go for another year with the Kings.  

“The teams just going to get better and better over the years, especially with some of the older guys that are leaving, sadly. But you know, there's always the newer generations that are coming.”  

He says that since a lot of the players, this year are rookies the next few years are going to be solid, they are going to know each other better and know the plays and the chemistry is going to be really great.  

Gosling states that this year he has gotten stronger as a player by working on every technique or new skill every time that they are in practice. 

A big thing that happened this year for the Kings was the switching of the team's head coach mid-season, “I believe that coaching change was huge for us. We want to win and the drills and stuff in practice and the support we have behind us on the bench in games has been huge.”  

Not just the support on the bench being huge but also the support that they see in the stands has a huge impact on the team, “No matter what day of the week it is you look up and the stands are just packed behind you.  And just always knowing that your family and your friends are there to support you no matter when it is, you can always count on them.”  

While Gosling is not busy with the Kings, he likes to play a lot of golf with his family and friends in the summer and he also plays baseball, “My whole family's a big sports family even going on to my cousins and stuff we are big diehard fans and everyone plays a good sport.” 

Gosling says that the bond that they have as a team is the biggest highlight from this season and that it goes beyond the rink. 

“We always hang out. On a weekend we don't play, we are still always together the bond is great, no matter where we are everyone's connecting and getting to know each other.” 

On the first of February, Gosling is turning 19 and says that all he wants for his birthday is a good win for his team we they play back-to-back against the High River Flyers. 

The Kings have an away game this Friday against the Okotoks Carstar Bisons and will play the High River Flyers in High River on February 3 before returning to Strathmore to take on the Flyers one more time on February 4 at 8 pm. 

hockey playerPhoto credit Joe LePage Photography

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