Wheatland Kings defensemen Chase Berg from Chestermere is this week's Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week. 

Chase's first year on the team has certainly come with some growing pains over the first few games of the season, but the team has turned things around to start November. 

"We took a lot of penalties on our losing streak and that started to change, and also the coaching change helped us really steer in the right direction."

When it comes to the coaching change Chase said that the team has come together on and off the ice which has made a huge difference. 

"We've become more focused on team play and discipline and trying to play for each other, and shorter shifts. We're just sticking to the game style instead of just going out there and skating around."

Coming into the league for his first season Chase feels that he has worked hard to start to get to where he wants to be, "I feel like it takes a few games (to get comfortable) because it is different, there's way bigger guys just because of the age, but I feel like I'm starting to get more comfortable and starting to enjoy just playing my game out there."

Chase said the younger players on the team are looking to the veterans for guidance and they are coming through for them in a big way.

"I am just picking up small things that maybe I wouldn't realize from just being a rookie and they really just help out with those types of details, like the game style and certain teams since they've played the guys, so they could tell you how they play or what to expect when playing a certain team."

Win or lose, the Kings have always had a great fanbase, which Chase says the team doesn't take for granted. Since the Kings play close to home for him, he said his parents and friends try to come to see him play as often as they can. 

"It's always fun to play in front of fans and have a loud arena, the energy does help you when you're up there. I always find that we have a good crowd out there and it's always nice when you're in your home arena and there are fans there cheering you on."

Community involvement is something that the team as a whole has focused on over the past few years which Chase feels has helped the team see the support in the stands as well as strengthen the team's bond on and off the ice.

Chase chuckled saying with three players named Chase on the team if someone calls that name on the ice and there is more than one of them out there he just looks around, and if they make eye contact then he knows they are talking to him, he also said it is much easier if they just use their nicknames to avoid the confusion. 

Outside of hockey Chase is currently working for Precision Drilling and is looking to go to post-secondary for petroleum engineering in the future. 

The Kings head out of town this weekend to take on the Coaldale Copperheads on Sunday and then they are back in Strathmore on November 19 as they go head-to-head with the Airdrie Techmation Thunder, game time is 8:00 pm.  


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