As of Monday (March 18), the Town of Drumheller has issued a fire restriction. 

In an announcement made by town officials on Facebook, it was stated that “only necessary burning should take place as fire hazard conditions are at a level where fire can start and grow quickly.” 

They are asking residents to ensure all fires are attended to and completely extinguished when done.  

The following are prohibited for the time being: 

  • Consumer fireworks 
  • All burning that is not contained in a fire pit conforming to Fire Bylaw 04.07 
  • All burn pits are revoked 
  • Fires previously allowed by permit must be extinguished 

The following are permitted: 

  • Recreational fire pits compliant with Fire Bylaw 04.07 (may be subject to ban if conditions do not improve) 
  • Natural gas, propane, electric stoves, barbecues, and smokers that are CSA-approved 
  • Solid-fueled barbecues (the primary source of fuel consists of charcoal, briquettes, or wood) 

“There is a very high risk of fire spreading during windy conditions in any cured (dead and dry) grass fuel type, such as those that exist across the town and the surrounding areas at the current time.” 

The town warns that the restriction could be moved to a fire ban with little to no notice due to rapidly changing weather conditions.  

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