This week's Strathmore Motor Products King of the week feature has us checking in with the Wheatland Kings defensemen Kyle Feick.

The team had a couple of weeks off over the holidays to relax but like most who love the game Feick took the chance to get in some time on the ice, “We had one practice I went to the ODR (outdoor rink) a couple of times, and I played a beer league game with my dad, which was which was nice to do because I don't get to play with him often.”

Coming off of a two-week break the Kings are right back in the thick of it this weekend with two away games. They will be taking on the Okotoks Bisons on Friday who are currently first in the league, and on Saturday will be in Medicine Hats territory playing the Cubs who are sitting in 2nd place in the league.

Feick explained that the Cubs are definitely a team the Kings need to figure out this season, “We play Medicine Hat here in the next couple of weekends and we really got to pull up our work pants. We have to try to come out on top with them because chances are we're going to see them in the playoffs.” 

This year Feick shares the ice with younger brother Nathon. Growing up they had only one other chance to be on the same team, this time around Feick is enjoying playing with his younger brother again, he does say that although they are very different, it is great to be out on the ice with family.

Like with most athletes Feick to has his own superstitions, “I always put my right elbow pad on first and if I'm not shooting that well will switch between white tape and black tape depends how I feel kind of thing.”

Looking ahead for Feick, he is hoping to continue his hockey career into college where he wants to work towards his business management degree and continue to work with his dad at AAF (Alberta Advanced Framing).

When it comes to people who have impacted Feick throughout hockey, one coach has been with him at different levels, “ I would have to say our coach right now, Ron, he coached me back in U18 and I think he coached me way back in novice.  So, I've kind of known him all the way through since I first started playing, and he's always kind of pushed me further and further because he knows what I'm capable of. “

In his 4th year with the Kings, 20-year-old Feick will have one more year left to play for the Kings and does want to try for one last year to play in the 2022-23 season.

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