In a Town Council meeting last night (March 13), Strathmore RCMP provided an update on the activities within the detachment, including the Security Screw Program. 

The Security Screw Program was introduced in 2022 as an added crime prevention measure. 

In 2019, more than 23,000 vehicles were stolen in Alberta, which represented 27% of all reported vehicle theft in Canada, according to the Town of Strathmore website. 

Not only is vehicle theft inconvenient for the victim, but this type of crime is also passed onto citizens in the form of increased insurance costs. 

As a result, the security screw program was implemented to reduce auto theft in the province. 

According to the Town of Strathmore website, when a vehicle is reported as stolen, identifying characteristics such as the VIN and license plate numbers help law enforcement determine who the owner of the vehicle is. 

"Often, auto thieves will steal or swap license plates from similar make and model vehicles to avoid detection by police. Unsuspecting victims of this crime may not notice their license plate has been stolen for an extended period,” it states on the town's website. 

During this period, often more crimes are committed. 

“What's concerning is the risk to public and police safety when dealing with auto thieves' who use stolen plates to avoid detection.” 

Although it may appear that screws won’t solve the problem of auto theft, the security screw program has been beneficial to RCMP detachments. 

“The security screw program involves the provision of security fasteners to area residents without charge at select locations.” 

Strathmore residents can get their license plates fastened with security screws free of charge at the following locations: 

  • Strathmore RCMP Detachment 
  • Strathmore Fire Department 
  • Strathmore Dodge 
  • Strathmore Ford 
  • Strathmore Motor Products 
  • Rocky View County, Langdon Detachment 

If you sell your vehicle or need to remove your license plate, you will have to go to the Strathmore RCMP office or any of the participating locations listed above to have it removed as the security screws are provided by a loss prevention company with a proprietary bit that cannot be purchased at retail stores. 

According to Staff Sergeant Mark Wielgosz, who presented the RCMP update last night, since the launch of the program, it has been successful in the area. 

“We have seen an uptake (in the security screw program) and we are seeing some decreasing patterns with theft of license plates, hopefully as a result of the program,” Wielgosz said. 

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