Today, the crew at 104.5 More Country wrapped up Seed n Feed at Wildiron Farms.

Cam Wheatley explained what they are putting into the ground this year.

"Grain, canola, peas, wheat and barley. Just the same old stuff as always."

Wheatley said they have five days left to go of seeding, but he cannot wait until it ends.

"I celebrate the end of seeding by fishing."

The biggest challenge that Wheatley has faced has been the ample amount of wetness in the weather.

"It's been challenging, too much rain, but we're not complaining yet."

Our seventh delivery was sponsored by Strathmore Seed, and we'd like to thank our food sponsor, Strathmore Boston Pizza. 

A big thank you to all of the farms that we visited for Seed n Feed:

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