With two games to go in the regular season, the Kings are gearing up for playoffs. This week's Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week, Spencer Tower, is pumped for the first round of the playoffs.

This year, the team has been building with a lot of rookies on the bench, Spencer being one of them. He explained that getting the chance to step on the ice with so many of the players he grew up playing with has been one of the highlights.

“I've really enjoyed playing with the boys, it's great to be back on the ice.  It's my first year in college and so I didn't really imagine playing Junior B while engaging in my schooling.”

Along with hockey, Spencer is studying for his agricultural management degree with the goal of coming back to run the family farm.

This year, Spencer took on a new challenge with the Kings, “I have played left wing since I was about 6, and this year I ended up making the shift to play center, so I've really been focusing on working at winning my faceoffs.”

The team is coming off of a few wins as they make their way into this weekend and get ready for the playoffs the game plan is clear explained Spencer saying that they just need to keep their heads down and focus on one game at a time and trust the coaches decisions.

When asked why he continues to push and dedicate himself to the game of hockey there was one constant for Spencer and that is connection.

“I love just being a part of the team and throughout the years I've made lots of friends and just sitting in the dressing room, whether it's a practice or for a game, you're constantly learning and chatting. One of my favorites is the bus rides to away games you got everybody in one place and you're all playing cards or something.”

This year's team is made up of mostly players from Strathmore and Wheatland County, and with so many hometown players the support in the stands has grown this year and it doesn’t go unnoticed by the team.

“Strathmore definitely is probably one of the best fanbases and it's just great to see all the support up there. I can't wait to skate in front of everybody during the playoffs. Hopefully we get quite the crowd for the building on February 8th.”

The last home game for the Kings in the regular season is Saturday, February 5th against the Airdrie Techmation Thunder, and they will wrap up on Sunday in Medicine Hat.

The playoffs start at home for the Kings Tuesday, February 8th game time is 8:15 pm.