The Strathmore Badgers had two teams playing a doubleheader on October 6 the peewee team and the senior team were both in action. 

The peewee team played a hard fought game against the Rocky Mountain Rebels it was a defensive battle for the first three quarters with a score of 0-0 going into the fourth quarter. Logan VanSickle got the first touchdown of the game a couple of minutes into the fourth quarter the Rebels got a last-minute touchdown with 2 minutes to go the hometown crowd was cheering on the team to stop the 2 point conversion and they did!

The Peewee Badgers held on for the final two minutes of the game to claim the win with a score of 8-6

About his winning touchdown, VanSickle said, "I'm pretty excited it was pretty awesome, I haven't really had many touchdowns so it is pretty exciting."

The second part of the double header had the Senior Badgers face off against the Innisfail cyclones. It was a hard fought game for both teams the Badgers did not come out with a win for this game with a score of 19-0.
The Badgers want to say thank you to Gray's for cleaning the snow off of the field to make for a great field to play on ,the PeeWee Badgers and Senior Badgers next home games are on October 20th,