Garage/garden suits and secondary suites were offered as different types of affordable housing that could work in Strathmore. Town council discussed garage or garden suites during the last council committee of the whole meeting.

Right now there are about five legal secondary suites in Strathmore and 13 Garden suites located along Strathmore Lakes Common.

Mayor Pat Fule said, “I just thought that this might add more inventory for different types of rentals so that a large family might have an option to rent a garden suite, a detached garage, for example, the other thing is I thought it might be a good way for a young couple to get started and they can find an affordable rental. I don't expect it to be a low-cost rental, but it might get them a start to be able to find a nice rental unit that's up to code so they can maybe save for a property.”

“It could allow seniors to stay in their homes longer,” he said. A rental suite could work as a source of income for local seniors.

Town staff will start the process of community engagement and feedback on the topic of garden suites or garage suites and will report back to the town council with proposed amendments to the Land Use Bylaw.