Scott Garnett’s men's curling team, which consists of himself, Jason Wilson, Brennen Fule, and Cory Campbell, are heading off to nationals.

Scott and his team are part of the Strathmore and District Curling Club, they recently won Provincials at the Travelers Curling Club Championship.

Scott talked about provincials saying it was an utter shock to win, as they didn’t expect they would. He went into it just thinking he would just have fun with his team and socialise with the other clubs.

Scott mentioned about how the team improved. The players have had one game together, Scott has a lot of games under his belt however. The team has improved over the years as well, and even though they only had two weeks to prepare for provincials the team showed a great amount of improvement.

Scott talked about nationals saying they are preparing for nationals like they prepared for provincials, and that is they are preparing to just have fun, they don’t have expectations of winning but rather enjoying the game and keeping the spirit of the game.

Nationals for the Travelers Curling Club Championship will be taking place in New Brunswick from November 19 to 24 this year.