Nathon Feick is your Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week and he is coming off of a great game on Tuesday night in Game 1 of the playoffs against High River where the Kings took the win 5-1.

It was a big night for the rookie scoring his first goal of the playoffs, “We were trying to get some points and we couldn't and then the third period came around and we finally got some. Getting that first goal in the playoffs. it always feels great, but in the playoffs, you know it's extra special.”

It was a definite team effort to come away with the win and Feick recognized the importance of playing that first game at home in front of a packed crowd.

“The energy is there and it just feels great to play in front of so many people and have so many people come out and watch you never want to let them down”

This season the team has faced some battles against the top teams in the league and Feick has been working on his game to make sure he is a strong asset for the Strathmore Wheatland Kings.

Feick spoke to working on his puck control, having more patience and continuing to look for more options on the ice and utilize every player on the line.

“My confidence level since the beginning of the year has gone up a lot, I feel like I've been using the players a lot more. Looking around and keeping my head up on the ice and making sure that I make those passes so that other players can score.”

It has been a year of growth for the Kings explained Feick with a lot of rookies joining the team there have been successes on and off the ice, Feick said the big ones on the ice is getting the team playing hard the full 60 minutes and going up against the tops teams and getting some of those important wins, Off the ice, the team came together and their bond has definitely grown over the season.

Friday night the Kings will head to High River for Game 2 of the first round of the playoffs and are hoping for a repeat of Tuesday night. Feick said the team is focused and knows the game plan heading into Game 2.

“We definitely have to be very physical going into that game, make sure we hit them hard and keep getting lots of shots on net and using each other The energy has got to be there we have to just communicate and make sure that we're playing together as best as we can.”

If Game 3 is needed, the team will be back home on Saturday night, game time 8 p.m.