The Town of Strathmore's Mayor, Pat Fule, is giving back to the community and has returned to coaching children. 

Mayor Fule is coaching two sports programs at the Strathmore Motor Products Sports Center (SMP). It is an eight-week program, both 45 minutes long. The first program is with two and three-year-olds and the second one is with four and five-year-olds. 

"We are doing a different sport each week to introduce them to a couple of basic skills, lots of movement, lots of little circuit things, and lots of fun activities to give them their first exposure to different types of sports," said Mayor Fule. 

Fule added that this is to give them their first exposure to socializing, lining up for drills, taking directions, and moving from station to station. 

Coaching is something that Mayor Fule is no stranger to because his wife and himself ran their Jetts sports program for more than 25 years. Where they coached volleyball, basketball, and badminton. 

"We have done it for a long time. We've had a lot of children through our system, and we've tried to bring in fun and fundamentals and get them to like the activities. The reason I wanted to come back to coaching is I was watching my grandkids in these programs, so I thought well, maybe I can offer some of my experience and knowledge and bring some fun into it."

But volunteering in the Town is on more of a deeper level for Mayor Fule. 

"If a mayor is going to put out information like different service groups need members or we need volunteers for this or for that, then perhaps the mayor should step up and do some stuff too rather than not."

Mayor Fule was nervous at first when he decided to volunteer to teach the younger kids. 

"The youngest people I've coached, other than my own children were only five years old. So, this is a big change to go down to two and three-year-olds. I was terrified because little kids are energetic and can get easily distracted."

There is a parent with every child and that helped with the sessions a lot.

"They become like my assistant coaches basically." 

Once the eight weeks are up, it will start again with new opportunities to join in. 

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