In Strathmore, the real estate market is strained due to insufficient inventory, which prevents house sales. 

"There just isn't enough inventory to keep up. So, this is causing the pinch when buyers find a home. That said, we are finding some homeowners ready to sell, but they're hesitant because they don't know where they will go. So they're concerned about selling and not finding the right home," explained ReMax Key relator Tara Baldwin. 

According to Baldwin, insufficient homes are being built, leading to a lack of sales. 

"If you decide to buy, find an agent familiar with the area they're looking to buy in. Ensure that your agent prepares you for the current market so that you can get your ducks in a row before looking. So when the right property comes up, you're prepared and can put the best offer forward." 

Regarding housing in Strathmore, Baldwin says we need way more housing options. 

"We have thirty-two listings currently in Strathmore. 8 of those are pending; those are pending sold. The numbers for April are not in yet. But As for March, we had a .88-month supply, which means that if Strathmore did not have any listings coming to market, there would only be enough homes listed to sustain the market for .88 of a month."

The Town of Strathmore is, however, advocating for more housing construction. 

"I know there are plans in the works for some multi-unit housing, and really, we need a developer to start building single-family homes that are attainable for buyers."

Baldwin emphasizes that Strathmore is a beautiful community that is attracting a lot of attention.

"Our buyer market right now is huge, so we just don't have the supply." 

Baldwin states that the buyer pool is quite significant in Strathmore, and therefore, the spectrum of what people are looking for is broad.

"There are two definite buyer pools that stick out: buyers looking for bungalows and buyers looking to stay below 450,000."

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