The Strathmore Legion is home to the veterans, but President and Branch Service Officer Donovan Arnaud explains that the space is open for use to everyone in the community, not just members. 

Arnaud explained the primary mission of the Legion is to look after the welfare of veterans and their families, but another big part of what they do is getting involved with the community. Offering a wide range of activities and events like concerts, bingo nights, dances and tournaments, the Legion is just as much a community hub as it is a veterans' support centre. On top of that, it can also be a space used for weddings, meetings and other gatherings.  

Arnaud says that many people don’t know what the Legion is all about and after being closed for so long he is excited to start welcoming the community back again. 

“We just sort of crept out of COVID where we were closed for two years, and that literally put a stop to everything we do and that was a very unfortunate thing. We are to be getting back into gear again. It's gone very, very well, but we've still got room to go.” 

Membership is not required to use the facility, but Arnaud wants to encourage the community to become members and join the already existing 550 members. 

“You can apply online, or you can come to the Legion and we'll give you the application form and you just fill it out and we will steer you from there. It's quite simple.” 

Even if you are a non-member Arnaud expressed that it is a great place to come and eat with your friends and come and experience any number of events on a weekly basis. 

The Legion will be welcoming students in February as part of a poetry contest they ran in 2022.

“Many of our local schools and students were asked to write poems that reflected on the November 11 ceremony, which of course is the most important day of the year for us. They had a contest for poems and posters, and it was incredibly well received and there's a whole bunch of students going to be there on February 4 to receive their prizes." 

Coming up this year, the team at the Legion is looking forward to celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III.  

“Certainly, anyone who's a monarchist or is curious about what a coronation looks like they can come to the Legion and watch it on a big screen television, and I mean a big screen.”  

There is also plans in the works for the legion to host Super Bowl Sunday and to have a big party accompanying that.  

With full kitchen and bar service, access to dart boards, pool tables and their 20x12 feet big screen, there is no shortage of space to be entertained.  

To keep up to date with everything happening at the Strathmore Legion and to become a member visit them on social media here or at Arnaud added the door is always to just stop in and say hi as well.

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