The Wheatland Kings had a close game against the High River Flyers in last nights game, with the win going to the Kings this game.

The first period was a defensive one, with the Kings scoring their first point of the match early on, ending the period 1-0 Kings.

The second period was slow at first, but started to pick up halfway through when the Flyers scored their first point of the game. The Kings followed up by getting their second and third points near the end of the period, with their third point being a power play score, the third period ended 3-1 Kings.

The third period got tense when the Flyers scored their second point of the game near halftime. With less than two minutes left in the period, the Flyers pulled their goalie to give them a one man advantage, giving the Kings the chance to score their final point, ending the match with a 4 to 2 final score in the King's favor.

With a well fought game against the High River Flyers, the Kings will be tough to beat in their next home game coming up this Saturday against Medicine Hat at 8:00.