The Junior B Boys and Girls volleyball teams for Holy Cross Collegiate had their most recent home games this week, the boys played on October 23 while the girls played on October 24.

According to Junior B Boys Volleyball coach Kyla Szasz it has been a steep learning curve for the team. They have only had six weeks of practice before the season began, the team has had to learn the basics and fundamentals of the game while still developing their skill. Even with the short time period before the start of the season, the boys played a close game against Trinity Christian Academy.

The first set of the game ended 25-16 for TCA, the second set was a close one but the win went to TCA again 25-20. The third set HCC came on top with a 25 to 14. By the end of the match the win went to Trinity Christian Academy.

According to the Junior B Girls Volleyball coach Vito Peraino, the team has done excellent this season so far. The team is quite new, as most of the girls have not played a lot. The team is made up of half Grade 7s and half of Grade 8s. Even though the team was lacking experience at first they have grown in leaps and bounds, becoming undefeated in the league.

The team won against Siksika at Wednesday's game with a straight set of 3-0. The first set ended in a 25-21, while the second and third set both ended with a 25-17. By the end of the game the girls team still remains undefeated in the league.

Both the boys and girls volleyball teams for HCC have their next tournament coming up on October 27 at Holy Cross Collegiate and will be running all day.