Nobody wants to be outside, and I don't blame you! Wind chills are near -50 °C.

Schools in the area have canceled buses, although the schools are still open, and traffic this morning was very quiet, which tells me most people are having a snow day. What better way to at least enjoy these cold days?

I was a weird kid, and when we had snow days, I would still go into school just to talk and sit around. One of the best activities that I took part in was karaoke. Yep, I sang for a small group of people at my school the last time we experienced weather like this, and I still remember the song I butchered, CeCe Penistons, Finally. At one point, they were eventually able to take the mic away from me!

As we head into the weekend and it is so cold, it looks like it will be an indoor kind of weekend, so I want to hear from you!

What do you do like to do during snow days? 

Read books, watch TV, talk to a friend, listen to music, whatever it is, text me on the Strathmore Dodge talk and text line at 403-902-1111. 

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